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Daily Dilemma-I'm a Nice Guy

Hey Kelly,

Let me run something by you.  I'm a nice guy, and I am a great date.  I treat a lady the way she should be treated, I always pay, and I'm a great kisser.  Recently I went out with a woman who was very forward and wanted to sleep with me on the first day.  So, being a gentleman, I obliged.  Well, I didn't want to see her for a second date and now she's bashing me on line about "playing the nice game" in order to get in her pants.  I didn't attempt to get into her pants, it's as if she expected me to.  So why am I the bad guy?



Just Trying To Be Nice


Dear Just Trying,

You're not to blame for your date's lack of ability to keep her pants zipped whether it was a first date or a tenth date.  She wanted to have sex, you were there for her, and you even bought her dinner.  I don't understand why women think that first date sex is going to lead to a lasting relationship.  It can happen, but it's very rare.  Since you can't reason with the unreasonable, just block her from your social media pages and send her email to your spam folder.  And, the next time some gal is hot to trot on a first date, make sure you like her enough to want to see her again before you sleep with her.

Thanks for writing,

Kelly McKay



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