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Daily Dilemma-Should Have Gone Dutch?

Dear Kelly,

I've had an online dating profile for a while and was talking, texting, and emailing a man for a while so I finally asked him if he wanted to meet for a drink on Saturday.  He said yes but suggested we meet for dinner and drinks.  We met and had a great dinner, great conversation and heck, he even tried to kiss me before our meals arrived.  But then the check came. We both just sat there looking at it for about 20 minutes until I finally picked it up and asked him what he wanted to do.  He looked at me and stated that I was the one who asked him out for drinks so I should pick up the check.

I was totally shocked.  He is a very well to do man while I am a single mom and only work part time(which he knew).   Should he have paid?

I want to see him again, but I don't want to date a cheapskate.


Comfortably Single


Dear C.S.,

He should have at least suggested you go dutch, but to make you pay the entire bill when you'd simply asked him to meet you for a drink and he was the one who suggested dinner?  DOUCHE BAG!  DO NOT go out with him again as I'm sure he's a major cheapskate and it seems he has a chip on his shoulder.  If he has money he may have been taken advantage of before and he probably has friends and family who constantly expect him to pay when they go out.  However, that doesn't excuse him not behaving like a gentleman.  Regardless of who asked who out, or what was consumed, it would have been polite for him to offer to share the bill or at least leave the tip.

Just Say NO!

Kelly McKay

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