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Daily Dilemma-Family vacation turns FAMILY vacation

Dear Kelly,

My sister-in-law found out that we were planning to take the kids to Florida over Spring break and now our family vacation has become a FAMILY vacation.  Needless to say, I'm not happy about it and it's my husband's fault.  I told him not to tell his family about our plans because they're always inviting themselves along no matter what we're planning.  Well he didn't listen and his sister immediately said "Awesome!  I'll start looking for the house and you guys can be in charge of arranging tickets to parks and other attractions".    In addition to her taking lead on making our family vacation plans, she's also invited their parents, and their cousin and her kids as well.  When I got upset about the change in plans my husband said I should just be a good sport and let it happen. 


Super Pissed

Dear Super Pissed,

What kind of a cape do you wear when you take on your Super Pissed persona?  I'd love to see a picture of you in your outfit!  Kidding aside, I don't blame you for being upset but the damage is done.  Now what do you do?  Politely back out of the FAMILY vacation plans or go along and be a sport but resent your husband and his family the entire time? If you don't go you'll be upsetting your husband and the entire family, yet you shouldn't have to spend a week with a huge group of people when you were planning on having family bonding time while on vacation.  Instead, tell your husband that your immediate family will get your own house (or hotel) near the house his sister chooses for the rest of the gang.  That way you'll at least have privacy nights and mornings.  Add to that, choose one day and one activity to do without the entire group so you can spend quality time with your kids.  I think that's a very fair compromise and your husband better too or you'll have to whip out the cape!

Best of luck,

Kelly McKay

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