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Daily Dilemma - Extreme Couponing Meets Dating

Hi Kelly,

I've only ever thought to use coupons at the grocery store so imagine my surprise when my date whipped out a buy 1 get 1 free coupon at dinner last night.  On one hand I know he's being practical to save a little money when he can, on the other my interpretation of his using a coupon on a first date is that he's cheap.  Am I overthinking the art of couponing and dating?  Should that be an art form? I don’t think so.

No Second Date Thanks

Dear N.S.D.T.,

Yikes.  There's not a woman alive who would think that first date couponing was an acceptable thing to do.  Third or fourth date, sure.  So I definitely understand why you're considering not going on a second date with the guy.  HOWEVER, you need to consider what he's like as a person and whether or not you enjoyed yourself on the date before totally writing the guy off.  Did you have fun?  Was it easy to have a conversation with him or were you constantly watching the clock?  If you had fun, please give the guy another chance.  It was just a coupon!  At least he didn't use the coupon and then ask you to pay for the remainder of the bill.  If that had happened I would be telling you good riddance!

Keep me posted,
Kelly McKay

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