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Daily Dilemma - I Found Cash in My Rental Car


I have a moral question to pose to you and your listeners.  If you rented a car and found money in the glove box, would you return it?  I recently had my car in the shop and rented a car for a few days while it was being worked on.  It wasn't until the day I was going to return it that I opened the glove box and found an envelope with money in it.  It wasn't a fortune, mind you, but a few hundred dollars.  I first put it in my wallet and went on about my business, and now my guilt is tugging on me a bit.

What would you have done?
Feeling Guilty

Dear F.G.,

Unless I'd found the personal information on the previous rental car driver in the glove box along with the cash, I would have kept the money too.  Reason being, I wouldn't trust that the rental car employee I hand the cash too would do the right thing and return it to the rightful owner.  Actually, how could anyone really be sure the last person who drove the car before you put the money there?  Bottom line, it's either you keeping the cash or the rental car employee.  I say pay it forward and help a single mom at work.  Buy her a gift card to Wal-Mart or a nearby grocery store.

Take care,
Kelly McKay