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Daily Dilemma- Sex In Marriage

Dear Kelly,

When it comes to sex in a relationship, why is it always the woman's responsibility to be available when her man is ready?  Why can't the man dial it down a notch until his special lady is in the mood?  I have zero libido and my husband is like the Energizer Bunny.  To pour salt in the wound he nags me every day about sex, and even whines about how I never want to do it.  Let me tell you, there is nothing more attractive than a man whining and begging you to "want" to have sex with him.  Hold me back, oh yeah.  To sum it up, is there a way to get a man to realize it's not a woman's job to keep him satisfied?


Not Interested!

Dear N.I.,

It is SO ironic that you wrote today about this topic because I recently gave advice to a guy friend of mine who is the Energizer Bunny in his relationship and really believed that she was responsible for making him happy- EVERY DARN TIME!  It took me forever to talk sense into him- even though I pointed out that men have a biological need to feel release whereas women have emotional needs to connect.  You can try to discuss the science behind why men and women are so very different with regards to sexual desires and needs, or you can ask him to go to marriage counseling and let an unbiased third party tell him he's in the wrong when he begs and whines for sex.  In the meantime, "CLOSED FOR BUSINESS" needs to be your motto.

Best of luck!

Kelly McKay

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