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Daily Dilemma- The Evil Step-Mother?

Hi Kelly,

I recently married a man with three teenage daughters who want nothing to do with me.  When we were dating they seemed to like me pretty well.  At least they'd say hi to me and smile and laugh during an occasional conversation.  Now, as a step mother, it seems I've become an evil do-er because they won't even look at me when I say hello as they come in the door after school.  I'm really sad about this as I never planned to walk into the picture and replace their mother, who is no longer with us, but I did think I could at least be their friend and a shoulder when they needed one.


Heart Broken In Huntersville

Dear Heart Broken,

Teenage girls are difficult to read, as I'm sure you well know as you were one, but my guess is that they need some time to deal with the fact that they have to share their father with you now- full time.  When you were just dating they probably never imagined you'd become a part of their family.  Surprise!  I know your feelings are hurt but understand that theirs are probably hurt as well.  Their mom is gone, they had their dad to themselves for quite some time, and now you're there.  I'm sure they're overwhelmed with emotions and simply not good at communicating.  Just give them some space, be nice, say hi, and eventually they'll come around. 

Hang in there!

Kelly McKay

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