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Daily Dilemma - My Girlie Man

Dear Kelly,
My husband and I reverse roles during the holidays: he likes to decorate and bake and I like to sit around and complain about how he's going overboard with Christmas.  Our friends make fun of us because, whenever they come over, he's the one offering them drinks and dessert while I'm kicking back enjoying my beverage and visiting with everyone.  On the surface this sounds like a problem most women would love to have, yet I have to admit that I find it a bit of a turnoff that he can be such a "girl".  He does no handyman work, he's not good at lawn care, and he's afraid to kill spiders.  I'm just wondering if I can spend the rest of my life with someone who's more of a woman than I am.

Had to share,
Doing Some Thinking
Dear Thinking,
I can't believe for a second that you'd want to end a marriage just because your husband doesn't fit the traditional definition of a man.  I think it's fabulous that he gets into Christmas and enjoys hosting when you have guests.  If you can afford to hire a handyman and lawn care specialists, and you don't mind killing spiders, I think the two of you make a pretty good team.  Have you ever thought how he feels being married to a woman who is a Grinch at Christmas?  That's just not normal.  If he loves you as you are, yet you're thinking of divorce because of who he is, maybe you're not really in love with him. 
Keep me posted,
Kelly McKay

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