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Daily Dilemma- Sad Mom

Hi Kelly,
We have an Elf on the Shelf and always have a great time hiding him around the house every year during the holidays.  Of course we've told our kids that you can't touch Ernie because you'll ruin his magic and he won't be able to find his way home to the North Pole.  Well my 4 year old not only touched Ernie- she took him to bed with her and slept with him.  Now my other kids are telling her she killed him and that Santa canceled Christmas.  She's so traumatized that nothing I say to her seems to sink in.  Any ideas?
Sad Mom

Dear Sad,
I think you need change up your Elf a little bit: give him a different hat or use some colorful glitter to alter his outfit in some way.  Then introduce him to your little one and tell her that Ernie's brother Eddie is taking over and Christmas is back on.  Let her know that Ernie is fine and that he got a ride home to the North Pole from Rudolph who is Ernie's best friend.  Before sharing your new Elf on the Shelf tale, take your other children aside and tell them they better stop picking on their sister or else! 
Good luck and happy holidays!
Kelly McKay