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Daily Dilemma - Put a Coat on That Kid!


I was at the grocery store late last night when the temperature had to be 45.  As I walked in the store out walked woman and her toddler and he was wearing nothing but a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.  He couldn't have been more than 3!  I wanted to stop and ask her if she didn't have money for a coat for her child, which would have been ironic considering she was wearing one, but I chickened out.  Should I have said something?

Ticked Off Mom

Dear Ticked Off,
I would have been upset too if I had seen a little one underdressed while being out past his bedtime, but I wouldn't have said anything either.  Everyone with any common sense (parent or not) knows that if you feel cold a child will feel cold as well.  That being said it's likely the little boy hates wearing pants and a coat and fights mom whenever she tries dressing him.  If she were just running out quickly, and the heat was on in the car, she probably thought it wasn't worth the trouble to argue about his outfit at that time.  Not that she's excused from dressing him like that in the Winter, especially considering she could have had car trouble on the way home, but it may explain why she had a coat on and he didn't. (At least that's what I'm hoping!)
Thanks for writing,
Kelly McKay

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