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Daily Dilemma- Dead Grandma

Dear Kelly,

My girlfriend is furious with me because I refused to walk up with her to her Grandma's casket during the memorial over the weekend. I told her before we went that I wanted to be with her for support, but I wasn't planning on looking at any dead people while at the funeral home. I have major issues with open casket after going to my grandfather's service when I was only 6. At the time, she said it was fine and she was happy I was going. Then, when we got there and she grabbed my hand and said "walk up with me" she was very upset that I sat down and said "no way". She was ticked in the car on the way home and she's still ticked today. Am I missing something? I told her ahead of time that I don't look at dead people!


What Did I Do Wrong?

Dear W.D.I.D.W.,

You did nothing wrong. Your girlfriend probably thought she could cure you of whatever childhood trauma you endured by holding your hand and standing beside you while you looked at her dead granny. I'm with you, though, I don't do dead people. Either get cremated, or have a closed casket because looking at a dead body does not give you closure- it gives you nightmares! Let your girlfriend have her feelings but don't apologize for anything that you did as she was the one who said, "sure honey that's fine" and then went back on her word. Be sorry that she's sad she lost someone she loved, but that's all and eventually she'll get over it.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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