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Daily Dilemma- In The Holiday DogHouse

Hi Kelly,

I'm in the doghouse because I don't want to join the family for the Holiday Extravaganza this weekend and I need to find my way out of it. My wife's mom is visiting and, because of that, we are all supposed to do the following: Load up the car and enjoy the lights in McAdenville on Friday, Saturday morning head to uptown for ice skating, and then in the afternoon check out the Fort Mill parade. Then, Sunday, brunch and then shopping. I told my wife I'm fine with the Friday thing, and even the skating Saturday as you guys make that sound like fun, but they can count me out for the rest and she's still mad at me. Why is it, when her mom visits, my weekend has to be completely ruined?


Just Not Into It

Dear Not into It,

I think your wife is being unfair by expecting you to be attached to their hips all weekend long. I think you offered her a perfect compromise- Friday night holiday lights, then Saturday skating. Maybe you presented your alternate plans to her in a harsh way instead of being politically correct. For example: if you said, "hell no I'm not going to brunch and shopping with you...." no wonder you're in the doghouse. You should have said, "I'm really looking forward to time with the family but, if it's okay with you, I'll join you for the lights on Friday then skating Saturday and then let you have private time on Sunday so I can get some stuff done around the house." If you were delicate when sharing your thoughts with her and she's still mad....then I say do your thing this weekend and she'll get over it.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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