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Daily Dilemma- Surprised in Salisbury

Dear Kelly,


Do you know if it's illegal for people to bathe in a neighborhood pond?  I'm wondering because I've been seeing a neighbor bathe in the pond down the road from my house, and she even has her kids in their with her.  My first concern is for her children as the water is very cold and it can't be sanitary.  Add to that, it's pretty shocking to see a naked mom with her naked kids lather up and splash around as I go for my morning walk.  Should I call the police?




Surprised in Salisbury


Dear Surprised,


I don't know if it's illegal to bathe in a neighborhood pond but I do know that public nudity is a big no-no.  I feel sad for the woman because I can think of two reasons why she and her children would be bathing in the pond.  First, their water has been shut off and she didn't know what else to do.  Second, she's not well mentally and doesn't realize what she's doing is wrong.  Considering she's got her kids in the pond with her, yes, I do think you need to call the police the next time you see her at the pond.


Keep me posted,


Kelly McKay