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Daily Dilemma - My Date Stinks!

Dear Kelly,
I feel horrible writing about this but I met a guy who I really like- except for one huge, glaring flaw.  Whenever he gets nervous he has terrible body odor.  When we first met it was in a group setting; just a bunch of friends getting together casually for a drink.  Because there was no pressure that night he was relaxed and fun and an awesome guy.  We hit it off immediately and exchanged numbers.  After dating him for a couple of weeks I've noticed, near the end of a date when he gets nervous about what to do, he starts to stink.  I don't know if I should talk to him about it or just hope it goes away.  What I do know is that the smell is bad enough that it would be a deal breaker if he can't get it under control.
Sensitive To Smells
Dear Sensitive,

For the love of all that is good and holy- DO NOT say anything to him about his body odor!  I'm sure the poor guy knows that he starts to smell when he's nervous.  My friend's wife has the very same issue and she's very embarrassed by it.  She does see a doctor for the problem and there are some things they can do that help a little, but won't completely cure the disorder.  (At least not that she's found anyway!)  I think you need to end his suffering by just attacking him and making out with him one night when he's bringing you home after a date.  Take away the situation that's causing his nerves and maybe his body odor won't be a problem anymore.
Keep me posted!
Kelly McKay

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