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Daily Dilemma - Thanksgiving With a Felon

Hi Kelly,

I want my mom to come over for Thanksgiving but I don't feel comfortable with her bringing her boyfriend.  I have teenagers and her "New Love", as she calls him, was released from prison not too long ago after serving time for possession with intent.  Is it terribly rude to tell her, "Hey mom.  We'll see you at 11 but you can't come if you're felon pal is in tow."?

Makes Better Choices

Dear M.B.C.,

I'm sure you wish your mom had met someone who's never made a major mistake in his life, has a successful career, and treats her like a queen but that's not who she's fallen for.  Before judging him based on his record, ask questions and find out his story.  He could have been a stupid 21 year old selling pot to put himself through college.  Is he clean and sober now and working and trying to live a good life?  If so, I do think it would be rude for you to exclude him from Thanksgiving.  Your mom has feelings for him.  Besides, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to teach your kids not to judge others unless you've walked in their shoes.

Thanks for writing,
Kelly McKay