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Daily Dilemma - My Husband, the Flirt

Dear Kelly,

I'm hosting our book club meeting for the first time tonight and I'm really stressed because my husband told me that he's planning to be home.  I'd told him a month ago about the date of the meeting and asked him to go out to dinner with friends the night of.  He said he would but now he tells me his friend had to cancel so he's going to be home.  The issue is that one of the gals in the group is a lot younger than the rest of us, and VERY attractive.  My husband is a big flirt and I know how he'll behave the minute he sees her.  How can I get rid of him for the night?

Please Help,
Already Embarrassed

Dear A.E.,

Awe.  Your poor husband.  He hasn't even done anything yet and you're already embarrassed by him.  If you're really serious about getting him to leave you could always give him tickets to the movies or the Bobcats game.  I'm sure he could find someone to go with him and, if not, he'd still have fun on his own. But if I were in your shoes I'd warn the girls about how he can be and just let him stay home.  Use the fact that he's a flirt to get him to wait on you hand and foot all night.  Whenever someone needs a drink freshened, he's your guy.  Out of snacks?  Let him run to the store.  Regardless of what you decide just relax and have fun!  It's a book club, not brain surgery.

Take care,
Kelly McKay

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