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Daily Dilemma- Weight Loss Sabatoge!

Hi Kelly,

This might sound silly but I swear I have a neighbor who is so jealous that I'm thin she's on a mission to make me gain weight. She moved in several months ago and, every time she sees me, she makes a big deal about how thin I am and asks me what I do to stay so tiny. I tell her the same thing all the time- I make healthy choices and work out. Recently she started bringing food over to my house and it's always fattening. Macaroni and Cheese, Lasagna, Cheesecake, etc. I don't want to be rude but I don't eat fattening foods and that's why I'm thin. So how do I tell her thanks but no thanks while keeping the peace in the 'hood?


Works Out

Dear W.O.,

I don't think you should say anything to your neighbor about the food she's been gifting you. Even if she is on a secret mission to see you gain a few pounds, you're in control of you weight and there's nothing she can do to effect it. I think you should accept the meals and desserts with a smile and do with them as you please. Treat yourself once in a while and then take the rest of the food to work with you so you won't feel tempted to eat more. Or you could always freeze the meals and use them at another time when you have company.


Kelly McKay

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