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Daily Dilemma- Saggy and Seriously Pissed

Hi Kelly,

I'm writing to vent because I've been wanting to get cosmetic surgery and my husband is telling me that I can't.  I'm a stay-at-home mom with two kids and I told him before I got pregnant the first time that I wanted a mommy makeover once we had baby #2.  At the time he said, "sure. no problem."  Now he's telling me that I'm being silly, that I look fine, and that he's not spending that kind of money to overhaul a body he never gets to see naked anyway.


Saggy And Seriously Pissed

Dear Saggy,

I wonder if your husband realizes how unattractive he's becoming to you by the minute.  What a thing to say!  Obviously if the mommy makeover were free he'd not only be all for it, he'd likely join you for the consultation so he could choose the implant size!  Remind him that your marriage is a partnership which means his money is your money while you're home raising the children.  Then let him know you plan to take some of your share to make yourself look and feel better.  If he still throws a fit call Dr Bednar at 704-366-6700 and get a consultation anyway.  They offer Care Credit there and there's a good chance you'll qualify.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay

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