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Daily Dilemma - My Way or the Highway

Dear Kelly,


A co-worker offered to drive me to and from work for a while because I had knee surgery and can't drive.  At this point, however, I'd rather hobble to work on my crutches than ride with him!  I'm a smoker and, one day, I asked him to stop along the way to work so I could buy some smokes.  He refused!  He told me that he'd feel he was enabling me and he doesn't agree with smoking so he didn't want to do that.  At first I thought he was kidding but he wasn't.  Is it me or is he a complete jerk?


Being Judged



Dear B.J.,


I know it's not funny to you, but I have to admit I laughed out loud after reading your email.  What a jerk is right!  I would refer to him as El Douche, which is a term of endearment for many a royal douche bag.  If you haven't already, tell your co-worker you want to chip in for gas while he's playing chauffer to you.  Then, one morning on the way to the office, ask him to stop off at the drug store so you can buy some tampons.  You can go in and buy whatever you want and he doesn't need to know.
Hope you feel better,
Kelly McKay