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Daily Dilemma - My Pervy Preschooler

Dear Kelly,
My 4 year old son has a horrible habit that I can't seem to break him of.  When he was two, I thought it was funny but now I just find it embarrassing!  He makes a habit of looking under the skirts and dresses of any little girl or grown woman he comes across - anywhere, anytime.  The worst part is that his dad still eggs him on, even though he knows it upsets me.  So, now, if I try to correct his behavior he completely ignores me.  Any suggestions?
Mortified In Monroe
Dear M.I.M.,
I know it's not politically correct but have you tried spanking him when he peeks under a skirt or dress?  What he's doing is wrong and you've told him to stop but he's not listening.  If you've tried the time out method of punishment, and he's still doing what he wants, it's time to step it up.  As for your husband...he's an idiot.  If he keeps egging your son on to be inappropriate he may grow up to be the school pervert once he hits high school!

Good luck,
Kelly McKay