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Daily Dilemma- Hypochondriac

Dear Kelly,

I'm dating a hypochondriac and I'm tired of being a caregiver to a perfectly healthy 30 year old man! It seems like every week he has a new illness or disease and goes on-line to read up on whatever it is he believes could kill him if he doesn't get to the doctor right away. Of course, since he's adamant that he's sick, he acts like a huge baby and expects me to wait on him hand and foot. When he really does have a cold or a virus you'd think it was the end of the world. Is there therapy that can help him? If not, I don't think I can spend my life with someone who's always worried and feeling ill.


"Sick" Of It

Dear Sick,

I'm surprised you haven't seen a doctor lately to request medication for anxiety! I seriously don't know how you can live with a man who thinks he's sick all of the time. When I lived with my ex I'd been given strict instructions (from his mother) to rent James Bond DVDs so he could enjoy a marathon while home recuperating whenever he got sick. Waiting on him hand and foot went without saying. Of course therapy would help your guy if he thought something was wrong with him and really wanted help in getting better. However, if you're the one pushing him to talk to someone it's unlikely therapy will do any good. Have a chat with him, so how he feels, and then go from there.

Keep me posted!

Kelly McKay

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