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Daily Dilemma- Needs A Car

Hi Kelly,

I'm single and have no family living in the area and my car just broke down. I'm broke and can't afford repairs right now and I live 40 minutes from where I work. I've called off twice this week already and if I miss any work next week I'm sure I'll be fired. Do you know of an organization that helps women in my situation?



Dear Stranded,

I'm sorry to say that I have no information to share with you regarding organizations that help people pay for car repairs. If I hear of one I will email you directly. In the meantime I'm sure you have friends who could help out considering you're in such a tough spot. You could ask them for a loan for car repairs, a car to borrow for a couple of weeks, a ride to the nearest bus stop every day, or help with shopping for a new vehicle. Even though your family isn't here you could always call a relative for a loan for car repairs as well. Whatever you do, do not miss work Monday!

Good luck,

Kelly McKay

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