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Daily Dilemma - 'Wondering' Eyes

I'm wondering if there's a way to know for sure whether you have true feelings for someone or you're just lusting after them.  Reason being, he and I are both in other relationships and we are colleagues.  I travel for a living and he is one of the clients I visit monthly on my sales route.  We go to dinner when I'm there and then we email and Facebook message one another in between times.  At this point everything seems friendly professional, but I find myself thinking about him in an intimate way.  I'm worried I might have one cocktail too many on my next stop there and jump his bones.  What if I do that and he's not feeling the same way? 
Wishing I Knew For Sure
Dear Wishing,
If you had real feelings for this man you wouldn't be stringing someone else along at home.  For example, I'd been in a relationship that I knew wasn't working when I met someone I really fell for.  At that time I couldn't "pretend" to be into my boyfriend because I couldn't get the new guy I'd just met out of my mind.  I immediately ended the relationship I was in before dating the new guy.  That being said, I think you and your colleague are doing a little flirting and I do believe it's mutual.  (Otherwise he wouldn't be emailing and sending you Facebook messages.)  Just be careful with the drinking the next time you visit, unless you and your boyfriend have an open relationship, because you are definitely working towards having a throw down with your client.
Keep me posted,
Kelly McKay

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