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Daily Dilemma - Love Me, Love My Job

I'm a 30-something career oriented woman with a very busy schedule.  I've worked hard to get where I am in my professional life but I'm also wanting more of a personal life.  The problem is that any time I meet a man and start dating, he eventually tells me that I'm choosing my job over him.  I'm not choosing anything...I have a demanding job but it's how I pay my bills.  I feel that, if the roles were reversed, a man would expect a woman to understand his busy schedule because work is work.

Am I wrong?

Single And Fed Up
Dear S.A.F.U.,
You're not wrong.  My job keeps me hopping too and I once dated a guy who actually told me he felt I couldn't make enough time for him.  Mind you, I was making time to see him at least twice a week (if not three times) but apparently that wasn't enough for him.  You can't change who you are and you certainly can't walk away from a successful career in order to find a man.  One day you'll happen upon someone who "gets it" and, until then, just work and enjoy time with family and friends.

Take care,

Kelly McKay

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