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Daily Dilemma - Grieving Together

Dear Kelly,

My dad died 6 months ago and not only is my mom seeing someone new she's asked him to move in with her.  She told me that they met in a group session at the hospital while my dad was in end stage and his wife had already passed.  I understand that they're older, and they have a lot in common- especially now, but I'm worried that her grief is making decisions for her she'll later regret.  Not to mention, my dad must be rolling in his grave over this situation!


Sad And Confused

Dear S & C,

I'm so sorry about your dad and I'm very sorry that your mom's dating life is upsetting to you.  However, you explained in your email why your mom and her new man are together.  They're both grieving and neither wants to be alone.  Whether it's a lifelong decision...that's besides the point, because it's likely they're just doing what they need to do to get through today.  Who knows, maybe it was love at first sight and maybe they'll end up married and blissfully happy.  For now, though, just be glad your mom is getting out of bed in the morning and living her life.

Take care,

Kelly McKay