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Daily Dilemma- His Wife Parties


I'm married to a woman who is 15 years younger than me but old enough to know better- or at least one would think any way. She's 35 and is a mother yet she goes out with the girls 3 to 4 nights a week. Whenever she makes plans she doesn't tell me ahead of time, she just leaves and tells me she'll see me later. I've tried to talk to her about how inappropriate it is for a married woman to be bar hopping on a regular basis but her response was that I'm trying to change who she is. Is this normal behavior and am I just too old to understand?


Wishing I Were Single

Dear Wishing,

It is not normal for a 35 year old mother to be bar hopping with the girls on a regular basis. Typically, working moms (or stay-at-home moms for that matter) find it to be a treat if they can go out with the girls once a month. And, even then, they don't bar hop they just meet out for a bite and a beverage and make it home by a decent time. In my opinion your wife has a problem. Whether it's a drinking problem or simply a problem with your relationship, only counseling can get to the bottom of it. If she refuses to go to counseling I recommend you reconsider being married to her. What she's doing isn't healthy, nor is it fair to you and the kids.

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay