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Daily Dilemma

Overwhelmed At Work

Dear Kelly,

I'm feeling overwhelmed at work because I'm handling the job of 3 other people that were cut due to budget issues. My job has now taken over my nights and weekends and my relationship is suffering because of it. Yet I make good money and know how tough it is out there for people. So what do I do?


I Have No Life

Dear I Have,

There are thousands of people in the same boat these days; forced to wear a lot of hats for no extra money. Although your job is overwhelming you need to make time to have a life once you get home by turning off your smart phone. Checking email during dinner isn't fair to your better half and he deserves your attention, and no one at work expects you to work around the clock. So set some boundaries and stick to them so you can make money and be happy.

Good luck!

Kelly McKay