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Daily Dilemma- You Don't Know Him Like I Do

Hi Kelly,

My boyfriend is not attractive in the typical sense of the word and, because of that, my friends and family constantly tell me how I can do better. They remind me that I was voted prom queen and was a cheerleader in school so I should be with someone who works a white collar job and dresses the part. Well my boyfriend is an auto mechanic and a musician so I'm sure you can imagine how he dresses. I really care about him and my family knows that, yet their judgment continues.


Tired Of It

Dear Tired,

Are you sure that your friends and family are judging him over his appearance? Maybe they see him treating you in a way they don't feel is appropriate. For example- I know someone whose husband shows her no affection yet is very controlling of her every move. I think he's got major issues and I think she needs to rethink that relationship. However, I say nothing about it as this is her path to take and know she needs to figure it out on her own. Your family may not be able to keep it zipped where you are concerned. If this is just about what he does for a living and how he dresses then you need to tell them to shut it anytime they bring the issue up. If they refuse to let it go, hang up, walk away, etc. in order to let them know their comments are not appreciated and won't be tolerated!

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay

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