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Daily Dilemma- The Job Hoarder

Dear Kelly,

There's a gal I work with who took a week off in order to give a new job a test run.  Meaning, she found a job, she was offered a job, she took the job and started the job, yet she hadn't quit the other job!  She told me about it, and no one else, and I'm pretty ticked off about it to tell you the truth.  Although I'm not going to nark her out I'm wondering if what she's doing is less offensive then I think.

A One Job Woman
Dear One Job,
I do find what your co-worker is doing to be offensive because it's unfair for her to hoard the jobs when so many people would bend over backwards to have either one.  Add to that, if she decides she wants the new job she's going to just leave your company without giving two weeks notice- and that's terribly unprofessional.  If she doesn't want the job she'll be back, for the meantime anyway, and in returning will be screwing over another company that spent a lot of time and energy when hiring her.  I agree that you shouldn't nark her out because Karma typically catches up to people eventually.



Kelly McKay

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