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Daily Dilemma- Pregnancy Secrecy Blown

Dear Kelly,

I'm pregnant with my first child and was hoping to keep the news a secret until I was at least 3 months along.  Well, my husband told his parents and told them not to tell anyone but they did.  His mother posted the news on Facebook and now my family is angry because they had to find out on-line from my in-laws.  I'm upset because I know that first pregnancies can be iffy and now I'm nervous that something will go wrong and everyone will have to be told.


Nervous In The 1st Trimester

Dear Nervous,

Your poor husband.  I bet he was in the dog house after going against your wishes and sharing the news with his folks.  Don't be too hard on him, though, as I'm sure he's really excited to be a dad.  Your family will get over not hearing the news from you- especially if you explain what your husband did without you knowing!  I'm sure that's something you'll joke about for a while.  And talk to your doctor about doing yoga or some other sort of exercise.  You are in desperate need of a stress reliever and something to take your mind off of your pregnancy for at least an hour a day, 3 days a week.  Stressing about the "what ifs" will only cause you health issues....and wrinkles! 

Congrats and hang in there,

Kelly McKay