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Daily Dilemma- Child's Bathroom Habits

Dear Kelly,

My son has odd bathroom habits and I'm wondering if I should take him to the doctor. He's 4, and when he has to go #2 he stands on the toilet seat and squats. I've tried to get him to sit down on the seat but he gets upset and eventually gets the job down by squatting. Have you ever heard of this before?


Concerned Mom

Dear Concerned,

As you know I don't have children but I actually have heard of that before from a friend. When her son started doing the stand and squat she called her child's pediatrician and was told it's nothing to be concerned with. As a parent you probably know that children have an innate sense of when to eat, and how much to eat- it's very possible that your son found going #2 difficult and just felt it would be easier for him if he got into a more comfortable position. I wouldn't sweat it but if you're concerned call your doctor!

Keep me posted,

Kelly McKay