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Daily Dilemma- It's MY Wedding!

Hi Kelly, 

I'm having serious issues with my mom, especially after she acted like a you-know-what at my wedding. For months she's been unpredictable and moody, but basically just a selfish, self-motivated pain in the rear. When I called to tell her that I was engaged she could have cared less. However, she flipped her lid when my fiancé's mom decided to help with wedding plans. Then, at the wedding, she told the hairstylist that she wanted her hair to look just like mine. Are you kidding me? Who's wedding was it? I put a stop to that but I don't know how I can deal with her behavior any more- other than avoiding her.

Any ideas?


Dear Frustrated,

Is your mom going through menopause? Not that a lack of hormones would excuse her from attempting to steal your special wedding day hairstyle, but menopause CAN make a woman act a fool. Mood swings and unpredictable behavior are a big part of menopause hell, and I should know because I was dealt a crappy hand in the genetic game of poker and started going through menopause at the age of 36. (who knew!) If your mom is just a hateful woman then I suggest you do avoid her as much as possible. Treat her the way most people treat church and just visit at Christmas and Easter. 

Congrats on the wedding!

Kelly McKay