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  • Cosmetic Dentistry Wonders

    I had no idea that Tom Cruise and Celine Dion used to have nasty chompers.  It's cosmetic dentistry amazing?!!  (note to self: must reschedule dental cleaning ASAP!) Read More
  • Nose Piercing Trend

    I have a niece and nephew who have guaging in their ears and I never said a word.  But if either of them try this nose piercing trend that seems to have come back to haunt us- I will voice my opinion.  It's SO gross! Read More
  • The BEST Bad Commercial...

    I don't know if the marketing department at this mall intended to create a hilariously bad TV commercial, but they did!  And it's so great that I'm sure anyone who saw it wanted to shop there.  Enjoy! Read More
  • Underwater Puppies!

    And I thought I had a great job!  Photographer Seth Casteel plays in the water with animals and babies to make his living.  His Underwater Puppies photos are awesome and guaranteed to make you smile.  Read More

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