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  • Holiday Weekend Mugshot Goodness!

    I don't know how the people at The Smoking Gun find such excellent mugshots, but I really appreciate them sharing with the class!  Read More
  • Worst Drivers In America

    The Top 25 list of cities with the worst drivers is out and Charlotte isn't on it!  (So why do we complain so much?) Read More
  • Joan Rivers Rushed To Mount Sinai

    The 81-year-old was undergoing a vocal cord surgery when she stopped breathing.  She's been transported to Mount Sinai hospital in New York and her daughter Melissa is rushing to be with her.  We'll keep you posted but here's the link to the full story. Read More
  • Giant Wasps' Nest!

    HOLY CRAPOLY!  Get a load of the nest that formed on a bed and became home to 5,000 wasps!  How long do you think it had been since she'd gone in that room?  And why didn't she hear them buzzing?!!!! Read More

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