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Credit: Lifetime / Sergei Bachlakov. Copyright 2014.

“What is going on here?” Mr. Belding knows, and he doesn’t like it.

Dennis Haskins, who played the iconic character of “Saved by the Bell,” is blasting his former co-star, Dustin Diamond, for his allegedly untruthful Lifetime biopic.

 “There just wasn’t any craziness. You know, it was like, yeah, people dated each other. OK, so what?” he told TMZ.

Haskins explained the kids had schooling in the morning and there was no drama when he got there at noon.

Instead, he points the finger at Diamond, who worked with the cable network on the “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.”

“He just gave an interview to ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine and he said, ‘I didn’t really write all the stuff in the book’… But he’s the executive producer of the movie. So he’s not taking responsibility for whatever’s coming out. And he also didn’t take responsibility for something else that came out.”

The TV movie will air on Labor Day Monday at 9pm on Lifetime.

Mr. Belding, once again the voice of reason? Who do you believe? Watch the first five minutes to help you decide!