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Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Katy Perry has been friendly with Kacey Musgraves -- the country singer who's currently opening shows on the Prismatic World Tour -- since Perry tweeted love for Musgraves' first single, "Merry Go Round."

The two taped a CMT "Crossroads" episode earlier this year, and Musgraves tells us the friendship has also extended into the writing room:

"We actually have the same publishing companies; different locations, but same company. So she got ahold of me and brought me out to write for her record -- this is a couple years ago, last year, I guess...

So I brought some ideas and we actually ended up writing a pretty cool song and, y'know, hopefully maybe something will happen with it down the road...I don't know if we ever even got a title going for it. It was kind of loosely based on Dorothy's version of 'The Wizard of Oz,' her being in love with the tin man, but he didn't have a heart."

Musgraves, who won a pair of Grammy Awards earlier this year, will be out with Perry through August 31, then resumes her own touring in September.