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Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Even though FX’s “American Horror Story” only runs 13 weeks a year, it sure feels like we’ve been talking about the new season forever.

The highly-anticipated season, subtitled “Freak Show,” will make its grand debut on Wednesday, October 8, Vulture reports.

The new season of the Ryan Murphy-created series also got its first teaser. And as fans know, nobody knows how to make a promo better than the “AHS” team.

The eerie 10-second spot features nothing more than a malformed had with a raffle ticket in its grasp.

This is the first official preview of the fourth season, though there was a fan-made teaser that had everyone fooled earlier this year.

And don’t forget to steel yourself, because as of now, Jessica Lange hasn’t changed her mind about leaving the show after “Freak Show.”

Many of the other members of last season's sprawling cast will return, including Sarah Paulson, along with newbies like Michael Chiklis as Kathy Bates's ex-husband.

Will you be sad to see Ms. Lange go? What do you think the teaser means? Sound off in the comments section below!