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Miley Cyrus is getting piggy with it.

The pop star, who loves animals so much she has her backup dancers dress up like them, is bringing on a new member to the Cyrus family.

After tweeting about “sweet angel baby animals” on Sunday, Miley posted photos of her own animal sanctuary.

She has a new baby pig in her life, and she seems to have called her Bubba Sue. Miley shared several selfies, showing off her new friend while traveling to her next tour stop.

In more than one, the singer is snuggling with a sleeping Bubba Sue while her dog Emu lies on her lap.

Miley opened up about the tragic loss of her dog Floyd, who was killed by a coyote earlier this year.

While she got a new puppy, Moonie, in April after Floyd’s death, she gave the dog away not long after because it was “just [too] soon for me right now.”

It’s sweet to see that Miley is ready to let pets back in her life! What do you think of little Bubba Sue? See more of her "animal friends" below and sound off in the comments!

Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images