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Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Every once in a while, even Kanye West has to ask himself the question “What would Queen Bey do?”

West covered the latest issue of “GQ,” and in the interview he gave a surprising answer on when his new album would drop and who he was modeling the release after.

“I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September,” he told “GQ.” “I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November.”

West also revealed that he has been looking at Beyonce for inspiration, since she took some time before dropping her self-titled visual album all at once last December.

“I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it in the summer,” he added to “GQ.” “But then I’m like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child.”

Obviously, hanging with Jay Z and Bey has rubbed off on him, even if the music world’s First Couple didn’t show up at Kanye’s European wedding to Kim Kardashian.

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