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Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

While Ron Burgundy might not have been great with zoo animals in “Anchorman,” Will Ferrell is aiming to do better with his next movie.

He and his partner in crime, Adam McKay, have signed a deal with Sony Pictures Animation to remake the short-lived ‘80s series “Manimal” as a feature, Deadline reports.

The original followed a man who was able to solve crimes by transforming into different animals.

The story doesn’t explicitly say that Ferrell will play the lead, we certainly hope so.

The official description has the dup making a live-action and animation hybrid that will “reinvent that concept as an action-comedy with heavy visual effects and animated elements.”

The only downside is that Ferrell and McKay have had a bit of a spotty history with remakes, namely “Land of the Lost.

What do you think of a reboot of “Manimal”? Check out a few clips from the original cult hit and weigh in below!