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Kristen Bell is 34 today, fresh off the best year of her career and expecting her second child with husband Dax Shepard. But Kristen has been ubiquitous for a while now, popping up in brief yet memorable roles on a slew of TV shows and movies. Here are 5 of our favorites:

HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 12: (EDITORS NOTE: This image was processed using digital filters) Actress Kristen Bell attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Veronica Mars'at TCL Chinese Theatre on March 12, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

1. “Deadwood”

Back in ’04, Kristen appeared in the first season of “Deadwood,” playing Flora Anderson, a young girl who drifts into town with her brother Miles in search of their prospector father. But, y’know, things aren’t always what they seem and the kids are thieves.  Also, KBell was 24 during her two-episode stint even though she looks closer to 16, so perhaps she’s outside of time’s jurisdiction. 

2.Parks and Recreation

Kristen Bell cropped up in three episodes of Parks and Rec’s most recent season as Leslie Knope’s counterpart and rival from the affluent neighboring town of Eagleton, and her give-and-take with Amy Poehler is off the charts. In fact, Bell’s portrayal of the snobby Ingrid de Forest, who obliviously runs the town into bankruptcy, was so hilarious that the likeability waves from the broadcast reportedly registered on the Richter scale.

3. “Get Him to the Greek”

Bell had the title role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” wherein she was dating rock star Aldous Snow, played by Russell Brand.  “Get Him to the Greek” is a spin-off centered on Snow, long after his relationship with Sarah Marshall has ended. Bell cameos as Marshall in tabloids about Snow’s past, and, more memorably, in a trailer for a parody hospital drama, “Blind Medicine,” where she plays a blind surgeon.  Sure, it’s absurd, but the banter isn’t too far off from our beloved “Grey’s Anatomy.”

4. “Gossip Girl”

Kristen Bell was the voice of Gossip Girl, the blogger of the show’s title who had mysteriously intimate insights into six seasons worth of rich Manhattan kid drama until a final reveal.  Only the blogger turned out not to be KB at all but… one of the kids on the inside!  Bell herself appeared on screen for the first and only time in the show’s final episode, reading Gossip Girl’s lines to help Rachel Bilson practice for a GG movie audition. The wink here is particularly killer.

5. “Scream 4”

This next cameo gets even more meta.  The way the fourth installment raises the self-referential bar to new levels even by the high standards of the franchise, beginning with a horror movie within a horror movie within the main horror movie.  Spoiler: Kristen turns out to be the killer in the middle of these in the six-minute sequence that is both dizzying and hard to explain.  Better to watch [NSFW]:

So, Kristen, may this Friday find you surrounded by sloths and twist endings.  Cheers!