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WESTWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 01: Actor Will Ferrell attends the premiere of 'The LEGO Movie' at Regency Village Theatre on February 1, 2014 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Whether you’re constantly laughing at one of his movies or cracking up at one of his incredible “SNL” sketches, Will Ferrell is undoubtedly a comedic genius. Over his decades-long career, he’s had so many great roles that he’s become a full-on pop culture icon.

In celebration of his birthday, we’re counting down the five things that always bring Mr. Ferrell to mind:

1. Harry Caray
Why would a Hall of Fame baseball announcer remind us of Will Ferrell? Good question. Early on his career, Ferrell discovered his love of impersonation, and who did he enjoy playing the most? You guessed it. Mr. Caray. Here is hosting ‘Space, The Infinite Frontier’ not as himself but as the famous Cubs and Cardinals broadcaster.

2. Curly Hair
Many celebrities tend to change their hairstyles again and again, but not Will. He keeps it simple and has sported those casual curly locks for years. Recently, Ferrell revealed he spent $40,000 on hairline restoration surgery making sure the famous hair stays there forever. “It was an early Christmas present to myself,” said Ferrell. In fact the hair, he flaunts in Anchorman is not his real hair…just look at that perm.

3. San Diego

Surely you can picture that silky smooth voice right now as Ron Burgundy signs off on News Center Four in “Anchorman,” saying, “You stay classy, San Diego.” It is a phrase forever engrained in the minds of millions. Let us not forget this moment in movie history. Thanks Ron… or Will.

4. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
There are just too many flavors to keep up with, and they seem to get crazier by the minute. Case in point: Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch. Inspired (very loosely) by Ron’s favorite drink, it consists of butterscotch ice cream and butterscotch swirls. Sounds tasty. Will Ferrell made this all possible, and as ice cream lovers, we must express our gratitude.

5. Cowbell
How can a cowbell not remind you of Will Ferrell? There is no way this wasn’t going to be on the list. A tight top with aviators and thick facial hair made for a great ‘70s look, but the cowbell truly made this whole bit work. He even looked a bit like Bob Ross.