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Tom Hanks is most well-loved stars in the Hollywood sky, and he got there by always being kind and fun. In fact, we would argue that Tom Hanks is basically a stand-in favorite uncle for the 313 million people in the U.S. (i.e. everybody) who have seen him in a movie (unlike the uncle he plays here).  In honor of his birthday on Thursday, here are five pieces of evidence: 

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 16: Actor Tom Hanks attends the EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 at The Royal Opera House on February 16, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

  1. Hanks did a Reddit Ask Me Anything at the end of last year to promote his film “Captain Phillips.” His responses were always on point and promotion of the movie ended up secondary to him giving very down-to-earth responses.  One redditor asked, “Hi Mr. Hanks! I’m sad. :( Can you cheer me up?” to which Tom Hanks responded “Sorry you are having a bad day. tomorrow will be better.” No scientific confirmation on whether tomorrow was better, but after that message, we can safely assume so.

  2. This relentlessly entertaining clip of Tom on Spanish news.  He seemed to understand a fair amount of Spanish, but responded solely in English, giving a surreal feel to the whole thing, even before the improvised weather-dancing. The real question here: Who set this up? Who were the agents?

  3. Tom Hanks bought an espresso machine for the White House press corps in 2004. He returned to the office in 2010 and was dissatisfied with the condition of the old machine.  So he bought them another.

  4. Unafraid to make fun of himself, this pitch perfect “Jimmy Kimmel Live” skit features a fictitious toddler daughter, Sophie (Hanks’ actual daughter, Elizabeth, turns 32 this year), and an attention-seeking Tom fighting Ron Howard and his daughter, Rhonda, for a pageant trophy. 

  5. Apparently, Mr. Hanks encountered some fans at a diner who wanted pictures.  The “passed-out drunk” in the picture is posed but Mr. Hanks is clearly down with a good joke.  Those are also Tom’s glasses falling off the fan’s face.