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The “Horrible Bosses” have returned… well, the ones that survived anyway.

The first trailer for the sequel has arrived, and Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day aren’t the only one returning.

House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey is back as one of the titular bosses, now in jail, along with fellow Jennifer Aniston’s predatory dentist and Jamie Foxx as “MF Jones.”

The teaser trailer certainly focuses on what made the original an out-of-the-box hit, along with new introductions.

For one, Bateman becomes Aniston’s latest “patient” in one especially memorable scene from the preview.

Not shown in the preview is Foxx’s “Django Unchained” co-star, Christoph Waltz, who plays one-half of a father-son team of bad bosses with Chris Pine as his offspring.

Sadly, not everyone could return, considering Colin Farrell’s balding Bobby was dispatched in the 2011 comedy.

“Horrible Bosses 2” is coming to theaters on November 26! Are you pleased with the results?

(L-r) CHARLIE DAY as Dale Arbus, JASON SUDEIKIS as Kurt Buckman and JASON BATEMAN as Nick Hendricks in New Line Cinema's comedy "HORRIBLE BOSSES 2," a Warner Bros. Pictures release. / © 2013 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.