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A fan holds a sign in memory of actress and R & B singer Aaliyah during TRL outside of the MTV studios in New York City. 8/28/01 Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images
Just as the title of Lifetime’s upcoming biopic describes, Aaliyah is fondly remembered as the “Princess of R&B.”

With Zendaya set to take the title role in the cable network’s original movie, one question remains: will the film cover her relationship with R. Kelly?

If “Page Six” is to be believed, then yes. The site claims that the movie will cover her from age 10 to 22, when she passed away in a plane crash.

She allegedly married Kelly – who himself was 27 – when she was just 15, before the illegal union was “reportedly annulled by her parents.” It’s unclear how the film will handle that part of the “Try Again” singer’s story.

Zendaya, best known for her role on Disney’s “Shake It Up,” has already gracefully handled a backlash to her casting, telling TMZ:

“It doesn’t matter what color you are, it’s how you play the character. For those who don’t know, Angela Bassett and Tina Turner, they look nothing alike.”

Bassett, of course, portrayed Turner in “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” earning an Oscar nod and winning a Golden Globe.

Are you excited to watch “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B”? Let us know what you think of the movie in the comments!