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HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 30: Actors Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer arrive at the Premiere Of HBO's 'True Blood' 5th Season at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on May 30, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
“True Blood”
is all about life after death, so it’s oddly fitting that the HBO hit is being reincarnated as a musical.

ABC News reports that “True Blood: The Musical” is truly in the works, with the drama’s composer, Nathan Barr, revealing that he pitched the idea to the network and creator Alan Ball.

If they’re looking for someone to play Bill Compton, they can look no further than his small screen portrayer, Stephen Moyer, who showed off his surprising pipes in NBC’s “The Sound of Music.”

In fact, Moyer even helped Barr with his samples for the musical before it was pitched.

For all of its craziness, “True Blood” never got around to doing a musical episode. The show will enter its seventh and final season this Sunday.

Perhaps the singing can all be explained away by fairy magic? Let us know what you think of “True Blood: The Musical” in the comments!