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Can you believe it’s been ten years since “New York Minute”? Admittedly, that wasn’t the greatest Mary-Kate & Ashley movie, but so many great moments preceded their final big screen adventure. In honor of the actors-turned-fashion gurus, here are the Olsen Twins’ 5 greatest movies:
 Ashley, left and Mary Kate Olson attend the premiere of the New Line Cinema film 'Rush Hour 2' July 26, 2001 in Hollywood, CA. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)
1. “It Takes Two”:
The twins star in this new take on “The Prince & the Pauper,” playing an orphan and a privileged young girl who swap lives after a very literal collision. Along the way, the ever-scheming Olsens inspire summer camp madness and a charming love story between Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg. The movie also features an evil (future) stepmother and rivals “The Parent Trap” for the all-time greatest movie butler with Vincenzo (Philip Bosco).

2. “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”: For some of the Olsens’ best, it’s essential to go back to the beginning. Before “DDT&T,” the pint-sized sisters starred in “To Grandmother’s House We Go,” but everything kicked into high gear in the 1993 Halloween classic. Mary-Kate and Ashley showed what they were made of by taking on their evil Aunt Agatha who had trapped her sister in the mirror, and the grown-up cast includes Cloris Leachman, a pre-“Will & GraceEric McCormack, and “Designing Women” star Meschach Taylor. Doesn’t get much better than that!

3. “Our Lips Are Sealed”: After testifying against a diamond thief, the girls and their family are put into Witness Protection. That would be just fine, if they could keep quiet long enough to put down roots. Finally, they do, landing in Australia. But they’re not off the hook yet, as two assassins are sent to track them down. For a movie that features hired killers, it’s still astonishingly light-hearted. But like the Go-Gos’ earworm that inspired the title, “Our Lips Are Sealed” is still pretty darn memorable.

4. “Billboard Dad”: Because Mary-Kate and Ashley have always been stellar matchmakers, they decide their single dad meets to meet a lady… by advertising for him on a billboard in Santa Monica. Of Course, it pays off, as their artist father (Tom Amandes, “Scandal”) soon finds the lovely Brooke. If you pay close attention, “Pretty Little Liars” actress Troian Bellisario cameos as their friend Kristen. Also, for preteen girls, they’re also surprisingly good at exposing embezzlement plots, so this movie really is for everyone.

5. “Holiday in the Sun”: From a young age, the “Full House” stars were put to work. But it paid off, as they got to travel to exotic locations like Australia and the Bahamas. For the latter, they hit the white sandy beaches in “Holiday,” where they flirted with cute boys and grew closer as sisters. Not only that, but Megan Fox got her bad girl on early in her career as teen queen Brianna, who competes with one of the sisters for a boy’s attention. It’s not a great film, but it is great fun to watch.

Disagree with our selection? Share your favorite MK&A movie with us in the comments!