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VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 14: American singer Miley Cyrus opens her 'Bangerz Tour' at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena on February 14, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Phillip Chin/Getty Images)
Miley Cyrus
is back on the disabled list.

The singer has pushed the first two dates of her European tour -- Friday (May 2) in Amsterdam and Sunday (May 4) in Antwerp, Belgium, due to the medical condition that forced her to postpone the final dates of her North American tour.

Cyrus suffered a severe allergic reaction during mid-April to some antibiotics she was taking, which kept her in a Kansas City hospital for several days.

Cyrus' reps say she'll be back on stage on May 6 in London, while the Antwerp show has been moved to June 20 and Amsterdam to June 22.

Cyrus will be returning to the U.S. to make up those postponed dates of her Bangerz Tour in August. Prior to the tour, Cyrus told us that while she tries to stay in shape on the road she's not averse to some unhealthy habits:

"When I'm working out, working out on tour, I actually eat a lot of junk I get to eat a lot of cookies and stuff. But right now I'm on this health kick 'cause I got to get ready to tour. But when I get on the bus, definitely during those 30-hour drives I definitely eat some cookies."