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No two things go better together than pranks and romance, right? Because it’s April Fools’ Day and FOX just announced “I Wanna Marry Harry,” we’ve compiled a list of prank dating shows that will go down in reality television history.


1. “I Wanna Marry Harry”

Interested in watching American women date a guy that looks like Prince Harry if you squint a little bit? Then the cringe-fest that will be “I Wanna Marry Harry” is the show for you! Based on the assumption that some Americans have no idea what Prince Harry looks like, this forthcoming dating competition has women vying for the heart of average Englishman – and Harry lookalike – Matthew Hicks. The Ryan Seacrest Production is set to air on May 27 on Fox.

2. “Joe Millionaire”

Back in 2003, Fox premiered “Joe Millionaire,” a “Bachelor”-style dating show following millionaire Evan Marriott on his quest for love. The only problem? Evan wasn’t a millionaire. Not even close. He was just a regular old construction worker looking for a wife on national television. But, once the truth was revealed to the final contestant Zora Andrich, instead of high tailing it outta there in search of a real millionaire, she stayed and the couple was surprised with a real check for a million dollars. Even though the pair didn’t last, they split the money and made out like reality TV bandits.

3. “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé “

In this “Meet The Parents” gone-wrong scenario, schoolteacher Randi Coy pretends to be engaged to another contestant in the hopes of fooling their families and splitting 500,000. But the joke’s on her because Randi’s “contestant” fiancé is really an actor only pretending to be obnoxious! The big secret is revealed to Randi’s surprisingly calm family at the wedding, and she finds out she gets to keep the $500,000 for being such a good sport. If ever there was a lesson to be learned here, it’s that lying to your entire family about your engagement pays off big time.

4. “Disaster Date”

Blind dates can be the worst. Especially when you’re on a hidden camera show and your blind date is a paid actor doing their best impersonation of the most annoying person on Earth. This MTV show has “friends” setting each other up for sixty minutes of emotional torture, for both petty revenge and our viewing pleasure. The only upside is that if the dater manages 60 minutes on the worst date of their lives, they get $60 to buy new friends.

5. “Hell Date”

On this hellish mix of endurance testing and the worst episode of “The Bachelor” ever, one real dater believes they’re on a TV show looking for love, while a “Hell Dater” makes their short time together as miserable as possible. Ranging from momma’s boys to daters with horrible eating habits, the list of terrible dates goes on and on. But before the real dater goes off the deep end, a man in a red devil costume runs out screaming, “You on Hell Date!” Worth it? Totally.