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Lindsay Lohan has been known to cause a little mayhem now and again, but this is something else entirely.

LiLo joined forces with the inimitable Billy Eichner for his Fuse series “Billy on the Street.”

While most of the show centers on him, as the name describes, talking to pedestrians on the streets of New York, the duo decided to take out their aggression over the end of CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.”

Ahead of the show’s series finale on Monday, Billy and Lindsay took sledgehammers to a car covered with the faces of the “HIMYM” cast, “Rolling Stone” reports.

Along with a bunch of jokes about the stars and the show, including a nod to Jason Segel’s history of disrobing in his films, Lindsay displayed a willingness to poke fun at herself.

“I should have done this to ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’ when he abandoned me!” she shouts at one point.

Check out the video (which features NSFW language) and sound off in the comments section below!