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Take me out to the ballgame! With Opening Day just around the corner, check out the best pop songs to get the crowd pumped up and ready for the new season!


1. Faith Hill – “This Kiss”

Ah, the Kiss Cam, making things awkward for sports fans since the dawn of the Jumbotron. Sometimes the lens will be pointed at a couple, other times it’ll land on a pair of strangers, and occasionally it’ll mistakenly find a brother and sister. Luckily, when Faith Hill is blaring in the background, strangers and couples alike tend to throw their inhibitions to the wind and pucker up for the crowd. As for the brother and sister? A kiss on the cheek will suffice.

2. Ke$ha – “Blow”

Surprisingly enough, Ke$ha’s club hit has been known to get a bunch of sports fans pumped up for the next play. Carrying the pop star’s signature sound and keeping to its pop roots, “Blow” is easy to get caught up in. With its catchy chorus and lyrics that make you want to win the game then toss handfuls of glitter in the air, the song will absolutely keep team morale high enough to blow the roof off the place.

3. Lady Gaga – “Just Dance”

A song about getting so intoxicated you lose your keys, phone and your boyfriend? Check. Lady Gaga’s party girl tune still gets people out of their seats with its simple command to just dance. Even in the middle of a baseball stadium, dancing makes everything a little bit better. Whether it’s during the 7th inning stretch or a dance break between pitches, Gaga’s bouncy hit makes it hard to sit still. But honestly, why would you want to?

4. The Village People –“ YMCA”

Always a classic, when YMCA comes on through the loudspeakers, you throw your arms up and surrender to The Village People. Yes, you will look goofy, and yes getting all the letters in the right order is tough for the uncoordinated, but it’s all in good fun! Nothing brings people together better than the original flash mob! But seriously, you have to do the dance. People have been booted out of stadiums for less.

5. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”

The hit that launched a thousand lip-dubs on YouTube has made its way into sports stadiums around the country, and things couldn’t be better! There’s a reason “Call Me Maybe” is often blasted in the ballpark, and it's not Carly Rae's own pitching ability. Everyone from U.S. Marines to Harvard’s baseball team has taken on Jepsen’s addictive tune, and that's because it’s so darn catchy!